09 Aug

Generally speaking without a deeper survey of the US employers, it is rather impossible to give an estimate or define the full spectrum of the professionals providing occupational safety and health services to the US workers.  In as much as this is the case, we can manage a classification or identification of the four core occupational safety and health, OSH, professions that have played such a key role in so far as occupational safety goes and these are such professionals as the occupational safety professionals, the industrial hygiene experts, the occupational medicine professionals and the occupational health nursing pros and as well we can see such other experts who have as well been considered to be proving to be critical role players when it comes to occupational safety and health going forward where we see the ASSP professionals, the ergonomists and the occupational health psychologists.

Even though the various traditional OSH professionals approach the issue of occupational health and safety from different angles, fact is that they however happen to as well share some common interests and goals.  By and large, this common goal shared is in the identifying of hazardous conditions, materials and the particular workplace practices that may be so exposing employees to risks and advice on the necessary measures to be taken so as to reduce or probably eliminate all issues of such attendant risks.  For the occupational safety professionals, though their main aim is to identify woekplace hazards, they have as well served and emphasized the prevention of some of the fatal workplace injuries and fatalities.

This as well happens to be the case when we look at the other professionals in OSH like the occupational hygienists who have as well been quite resourceful and full of expertise when it comes to the need to identify and control hazards that may be the result of acute exposure to the various agents, chemical, biological and even physical while at the same time have never ignored injuries.  When we come to the occupational medicine physicians, they have been largely renowned for their input in the workplace and enhancing standards therein with their services that are such as clinical care and the programs that are mainly aimed at health promotion, protection and disease prevention. Be sure to check it out!

By and large, at present, there are tens of thousands of Americans who are already members of the professional societies that advocate for the core OSH disciplines.  And there are still a number out there who are indeed qualified to join these societies by virtue of their current employment.  You can join the American Society of Safety Professionals today and be a part of this movement dedicated to creating safer futures. Check out this website at https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jewish-community-centers-bomb-threats-map_n_58b091efe4b060480e07cdfc for more info about social organization.

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